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Remodeling and Home Design

Technical Drawings:

After a design has been reached, we will produce a technical drawing electronically. This gives us very clear instructions on how to assemble your bespoke furniture. These may be presented to the client once more for final approval and a deposit will usually be taken at this stage to secure workshop build time.

Initial Consultation:

​This usually involves a meeting between Sealey Furniture and the Client. It will normally take place at the clients home or at Sealey Furniture, however it useful for us to see the area where the installation will take place and to get a feel for the surroundings.


Your furniture will be delivered and fitted by Sealey Furniture, we do not use subcontracted fitters. This ensures the highest quality of installation by the team that designed and built it. We may sometimes arrange a professional photo shoot and with the clients permission 

Second Stage Manufacture:

Most projects benefit from a second stage manufacture. This is where any addition hardware may be installed after a spray finish has been applied.


From the initial Consultation to final installation of your furniture, Sealey Furniture has a step by step process to make sure that your project is carried out in a prompt and professional manner. Scroll down to learn more about the commissioning process.

Designers and Makers of ​​Bespoke Furniture & Interiors


S  E  A  L  E  Y


Once a deposit has been paid and the client is happy with the design, manufacture can begin. This can take anything from a few days to upwards of a month (Or longer) depending on the size of the project. However most projects can be turned around fairly quickly


Once a brief has been determined, we will draft initial ideas and concepts. These are normally done by hand on a traditional drawing board and give a general idea of the finished furniture.